An expansive office zone with about 109,000 square meters total rental area

With a standard floor area of approximately 4,000 square meters, Park Tower will be one of the largest office towers in western Japan. People can move seamlessly between the second-floor office lobby and each floor with low, mid, and high-rise elevator banks.

Gate Tower has a standard floor area of approximately 1,600 square meters. With direct access to each floor from any level (basement, first floor, and second floor), this is a rare office tower that can accommodate businesses which deal with visitors.

Park Tower Offices

Image of the Park Tower’s 2nd-floor lobby lounge

Image of office space

A prime office tower in the Kansai region affording park and city views

Park Tower provides about 4,000 square meters per floor of office space, suited to a variety of workspaces. The lower floors overlook the park’s luscious greenery, while the upper floors offer prospects of Osaka City and the Yodo River. The office lobby takes advantage of the expansive views of the park, offering an integrated green atrium space, complete with cafe and convenience store.

Gate Tower Offices

Image of the Gate Tower’s 2nd-floor lobby lounge

Image of a standard floor space

A tasteful space for businesses that welcome many visitors

Gate Tower, located close to the station, is particularly well suited to businesses that deal with many visitors. With approximately 1,600 square meters per floor that can be subdivided into five sections, the office space affords a flexible office layout. Reception areas and conference rooms can also be arranged to take full advantage of the park views.

Office Lounge Sorappa

Afloat over the park—Work & Life

New ways to conjure up and exchange innovative ideas, new ways to spend time, are soon to be born in the Umekita area with its unique interlinking of urban and natural environment. The new office lounge Sorappa is located on the fourth floor of Gate Tower, a building surrounded by greenery integrated into an urban landscape.

Indulge in an enriched experience in close proximity to the park and sky in this space comprised of a diner, café lounge, terrace, and workspace. Enjoy new encounters, stimulate your intellectual curiosity, draw fresh inspiration, and boost your well-being through healthy eating—these are just some of the things to look forward to. Enhance your work and personal life every day in this calming, easeful space.


Enjoy the aerial views through the park-side windows while dining in comfort.

An adaptable workspace equipped with all the power outlets you need.

A terrace featuring both a deck and lawn available for refreshment and meetings.

Cafeteria by the terrace with views of natural scenery.

Property Overview

Completion of office building
Scheduled for late November 2024 (South District Rental Building)
Office floors
[ Park Tower ] 6th to 27th floors
[ Gate Tower ] 5th to 17th floors
Total rental area
[ Park Tower ] around 93,000 square meters
[ Gate Tower ] around 20,000 square meters
Floor load
500 kg per square meter (heavy duty zone: 800 kg per square meter)
Office ceiling height
2,800 mm
Office automation floor
100 mm
Outlet capacity
50VA per square meter
Emergency generator
  • The cogeneration system can supply electricity in the event of a commercial power outage so long as there is a gas supply
  • The buildings’ emergency generators can supply electricity for 72 hours in the event of a commercial power outage and a gas cutoff (supply to exclusive area: 15VA per square meter)
  • The buildings have reserved spaces for installing emergency electric power generators for tenants (300kVA x 4 units)
[ Park Tower ] 8 low-rise, 6 mid-rise, 8 high-rise [ Gate Tower ] 6
Air conditioning
Compact air conditioner units on every floor + VAV system (only in some parts)
Car parking
Approx. 80 flat parking spaces and 120 two-level spaces (60 x two levels)
contact information
Kansai Branch Office, Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd   
Tel. 06-6881-5158