Umekita 2nd Project Development State of Construction vol. 5


Construction of both South and North District Rental Buildings is progressing with 60m-high ground-level steel structure erection and exterior work, the building exteriors gradually being completed from the bottom upwards. In line with preparations for the Kujo-Umeda Line, it is now possible to work on the whole of the South District Rental Building site, and earth retention work has begun on the new area to the east. Construction of the underground framework is also progressing using the inverted construction method.

South District Rental Building
North District Rental Building

Construction work is also progressing on the “Next Innovation Museum” as well as “Innovation Path”, “Edutainment Cube”, etc. in North Park, and “Elevated Square (*)” in South Park.

* The entranceway to the town: a three-dimensional space connecting the new JR station (Umekita (Osaka) Subway Station) with the Urban park and South District Rental Building.

South Park / Elevated Square

* The names of areas in the park and park facilities used in this text are all tentative names, and may change in the future.