A world-class, top-quality urban space

A world-class, top-quality urban space

The development is broadly divided into three areas: the central green urban park, the north district, which satisfies innovative life design, and the south district, which meets a wide range of needs from business to tourism. We are proud to present various functions and characteristics of this urban development.


A large-scale office zone with a total rental area of approximately 109,000 square meters

  • オフィス

    Compatible with diversifying working styles, offering ample support functions and verdant greenery.

    This state-of-the-art office will serve as a base for the activities of pioneering major companies and creative people both in Japan and overseas as part of the Umekita 2nd Project, which aims to concentrate high-quality urban functions and enhance international competitiveness. A full range of office support functions, such as childcare support facilities, will be provided. The urban park below can also be used as a workplace or a place to relax, enabling a new work style unique to Umekita 2nd Project to be realized.

    South District, West Building, floors 6 to 27: Total indoor rental area of about 90,000 square meters, and standard floor area of about 4,100 square meters

    South District, East Building, floors 5 to 17: Total indoor rental area of about 19,000 square meters, and standard floor area of about 1,500 square meters


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Core Function

An innovation platform unlike any other in the world

  • Core Function
    Core Function

    New life design innovation born from the relationship between MIDORI (greenery) and people

    Here we will establish innovation facilities with co-working spaces, SOHO, exchange spaces, etc. as a place for offices where we anticipate occupancy by innovation support organizations at a national level, with platform facilities composed from conference rooms and lecture rooms etc., and where companies engaged in innovation creation will be located. We aim to create new life design innovation in coordination with the Knowledge Capital base etc. of Grand Front Osaka.

    South District, West Building, 4th floor: MICE
    North District, Rental Building: floors 1-9
    Urban Park: Core facilities


A sophisticated commercial space with all the convenience of an urban center, with rich and soothing greenery

  • Commercial
    Commercial Commercial

    The fulfilling time and experience value brought by pleasant green space supports greater QOL (Quality of Life).

    In the South District, which will serve as a base for international interactions following the development of the new station, we aim to provide not only restaurants and shops that visitors from Japan and abroad can enjoy, but also next-generation experience value by offering a place for people living and working in the neighborhood to interact.
    The urban spa consists of a hot spring zone including natural hot springs, a gym, and a pool overlooking the urban park. It aims to serve as a comprehensive wellness hub for health, beauty, exercise, and relaxation.
    In the North District, home to the abundant nature of the north park, where you can feel the four seasons and witness the beauty of the symbolic avenue of ginkgo trees, we seek to create a commercial space that promotes knowledge exchange and citizen participation by connecting the core functions of the Knowledge Capital of Grand Front Osaka with the Umekita 2nd Project area.

    South District, West Building, Basement to 3rd floor: approximately 12,500 square meters
    South District, East Building, Floors 3 & 4 "Urban Spa": approximately 6,000 square meters
    North District, Floors 1 & 2: approximately 3,000 square meters
    * Area given is usable area

Urban park

MIDORI (greenery) acts as a core connecting the surrounding area with all kinds of people

  • Urban park
    Urban park

    MIDORI LIFE is created by diverse spaces that serve as the stage for your own individual activities

    A diverse variety of activities will take place in the urban park. The south area is a lively space where many people will gather around Reflection Square (with lawn square and water views), while the north area will act as a relaxing space where you can enjoy lush nature, including the Umekita-no-Mori area. Moreover, unique spaces will be created, such as Hirameki Road (aerial deck), which connects the north and south parks and Step Plaza built on ground level to integrate the north and south, designed to make the road and the park a continuous space. In the park, cafes and restaurants will be developed for users to enjoy the park even more, as well as facilities with functions that contribute to the creation of innovation. The park management and area management organization MMO (name to be confirmed) will be central in carrying out high-quality management and operations, providing a variety of programs and events.
    *MMO: Acronym for MIDORI Management Organization

Project Overview

Project name
Umekita 2nd Project
Project location
Osaka Station Kita Ofuka West District in the area for the Land Readjustment Project
Land area
approximately 91,150 square meters
Urban park
park area
approximately 45,000 square meters
North District

Rental building

Site area
approximately 8,400 square meters
Floor area
approximately 64,200 square meters
26 floors above ground, 3 basement floors

Subdivided building

Site area
approximately 7,320 square meters
Floor area
approximately 85,000 square meters
47 floors above ground, 1 basement floor
South District

Rental building

Site area
pproximately 25,260 square meters
Floor area
approximately 314,250 square meters
Floors West building
39 floors above ground, 3 basement floors
East Building
28 floors above ground, 3 basement floors

Subdivided building

Site area
approximately 5170 square meters
Floor area
approximately 93,000 square meters
51 floors above ground, 2 basement floors
Second half of 2020
Start of private-sector residential construction (South district, North district)
Summer 2024
Advance opening (some private-sector facilities and a portion of urban parks)
Umekita 2nd District fully open
Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd.; Osaka Gas Urban Development Co., Ltd.; ORIX Real Estate Co., Ltd.; Kanden Realty & Development Co., Ltd.; Sekisui House, Ltd.; Takenaka Corporation; Hankyu Corporation; Mitsubishi Estate Residence Co., Ltd.; Umekita Development Specific Purpose Company (Investor: Obayashi Corporation)
Overall unification
Nikken Sekkei Ltd.; Mitsubishi Jisho Sekkei, Inc.
North District
rental building
Nikken Sekkei Ltd.; Takenaka Corporation
Nikken Sekkei Ltd.
South District
rental building
Mitsubishi Jisho Sekkei, Inc.; Nikken Sekkei Ltd.; Obayashi Corporation; Takenaka Corporation
Mitsubishi Jisho Sekkei, Inc.; Nikken Sekkei Ltd.
Umekita 2nd Project Joint Venture (Takenaka Corporation; Obayashi Corporation)